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This Is (Kind Of, Not Really) A Health & Wellness Blog

This Is (Kind Of, Not Really) A Health & Wellness Blog

I am not someone who ever thought I would be running a “Health & Wellness” blog.

When you’re building a blog, hosting sites want you to categorize it. Some people run lifestyle blogs. Some people run humor blogs. Some people run blogs just so they can post pictures of their dogs in funny hats. Those are the only kind of blogs worth reading.

When it comes down to categorizing it, I suppose this would be a health & wellness blog. It’s about me, because blogs are for narcissistic beasts. But more specifically, it’s about my experience with Crohn’s disease. It’s about how to hold down an adult job when you have dozens of doctor’s appointments, or how to kindly explain that not "looking sick" doesn't equate to being the picture of health.

It’s about the foods that make me feel bad and the romcoms and fuzzy sock combos that make me feel good. It’s about dealing with a fear of dating because you're not certain who wants to sign on for someone who's always got something or another wrong with their body. It’s about having a place to vent frustrations and share happy thoughts.

So yes, it’s about health. And wellness. And what happens when you aren’t healthy, and you aren’t well, and the world keeps a-spinning anyways.

But here’s the disclaimer: I am the last person in the world who’s qualified to talk about health.

On any given day I might eat 2-3 different forms of potato. I've been known to prioritize eating a really good burger over my health. I swipe left on Tinder dudes who say they love working out because I just know we won’t get along. Last summer I went on a lengthy bike ride and got so winded I took a nap on a stranger’s lawn.

So if you’re looking for a health expert, there are many other blogs that will probably be more helpful to you. There are actual doctors and medical professionals available for chatting to on the internet! I am literally just a girl with Crohn’s disease who also likes to write, trying to come to terms with my shitty immune system in a public forum.

This blog may be for you, though, if you like any of the following: unsolicited advice, occasional over-honesty, a sense of humor about gross and sad things, cats, milkshakes, Taylor Swift, or adults who still sleep with stuffed animals.

So if you’re still reading, hi! My colon and my ego thank you.

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